AIM - Development of Human Resources for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Human resource development is an important component of disability rehabilitation. Suvidya Centre of Special Education, a college affiliated with University of Mumbai, was established by SOPAN to meet this need. Our overarching goal is to conduct teacher preparation programs. Since autism intervention and education is relatively new in India, there is a felt need for qualified and competent teachers to work with children with autism in general and special schools.

In keeping with the continuum of teacher preparation, Suvidya runs both initial teacher preparation and continuous professional development programs in special needs education. Additionally, it also conducts capacity building programs for family members of persons with disability, and the community.

Programs and Activities

  • B.Ed. Special Education with specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Capacity building programs e.g. Short Term Course in Autism.
  • Orientation programs for B.Ed. (ASD) as a career option at various colleges in Mumbai.
  • Awareness programs on disabilities by the teacher trainees.
  • Participation in inter college competitions national level.
  • Rehabilitation Council of India sponsored Continued Rehabilitation Education (CRE) programs