Student Life

Education goes well beyond coursework. Extra-curricular activities form a vital part of student experience here at Suvidya Centre of Special Education, creating unique opportunities for learning.

The B.Ed. Special Education (ASD) Course at Suvidya avails the students several activities that are complementary to the course work and also contribute towards professional development of the students. The activities are planned for enhancement of students’ knowledge, skill, attitude and personality.

Workshops: Workshops give a hands-on experience to enhance learning. It also gives the students opportunities to manage issues related to disability within a diverse classroom. Workshops like puppet making, dance and drama, augmentative and alternative communication, sensory integration therapy etc. are held. Students are encouraged to participate in the workshops and implement the learning in appropriate situations in the course work.

Sports: Apart from the curriculum, sports and physical activities are important for student’s overall personality development. Students participate and contribute towards planning and conducting sports activities for children with disabilities. This nurtures their extracurricular skills and abilities. B.Ed. students enthusiastically participate in the sports day event of schools run by SOPAN.

Inter-college Competitions: Students are encouraged to participate in inter-college competitions as and when organised by colleges.

Awareness Programs: At Suvidya Centre of Special Education; we believe in creating community awareness to orient people to abilities and needs of persons with autism and associated disabilities. Students enthusiastically participate in the community awareness programs which may be in the form of events at the malls, street plays and flash mobs. Students are encouraged to plan programs at various institutions and public places to create awareness in the masses. Students showcase the talents of children with ASD by disseminating information to general public through various mediums like audio visuals, hand outs and on the spot performances.