OUR Projects

Advocacy & Community Awareness

Rehabilitation is a social responsibility. An aware community contributes to an inclusive society that accepts diversity in people as a sign of its vibrancy. SOPAN encourages community participation through the following:

WORLD Autism Awareness Day:


The United Nations has declared 2nd April as World Autism Awareness Day. Every year on this day, SOPAN organizes programs which are aimed at spreading awareness about autism.

Community Participatory Program:

Sopan conducts a variety of community participatory programs such as public rallies, street plays , flash mobs, and live entertainment events to garner active involvement and support from people in the community.


community1Promotion of products made by students with autism and related disabilities is regularly done through exhibitions. These exhibitions are either organized by Sopan or held on request from other organizations.

Charity events:

community3SOPAN participates in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. Corporates have sponsored and raised funds for us. Individuals also run for our cause and work towards raising money and creating awareness.

 Dr. Rubina Lal, one of the Founding members of Sopan and well known parent and professional is on the panel of Expert Committees set up by the Rehabilitation Council of India and the National Trust, New Delhi, and the National Institute for Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad. In her capacity as an expert she contributes to the development of autism specific policies and provisions at National and State levels. At local level Sopan’s initiative with MCGM has culminated in the establishment of Centre for Developmental Disabilities (CDD). The CDD is a free special school run in collaboration with the MCGM.

Working with government agencies

We create and maintain relationships with support groups of parents, organizations that are working in the field of autism and developmental disabilities rehabilitation. Meetings held are on disability related issues which could be resolved when raised at such a forum.

Network & Parent support