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About MVs

Mahanagar Vishesh Shala
(Divyangjan) is SOPAN’s collaborative project with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). It was started with a mission of educating and training children and adolescents with disabilities, from amongst the urban poor population of Mumbai. CDD was established as a response to meet the educational needs of special needs children who were identified through the disability survey conducted by SOPAN team in the K Ward of Mumbai city.

Due to economic and social factors the children had never attended a school, and in serious need for training and therapeutic intervention. The Centre began functioning in November 2010. CDD provides free service to children from 6 to 18 years with developmental disabilities such as intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and autism etc. CDD aims to provide the children, education and life skills training to be productive members of society in future.

More than 100 children are enrolled in MVs. The services offered range from psychological assessment, special education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Upon admission a child undergoes intensive assessment by the multi-disciplinary team which then draws up an individual education program for each child. Additionally, every child is encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as physical education and sports, dance and music.

MVs also provides supportive and remedial education to children with learning disability who are enrolled in a general school but require specialized help for coping with the demands of their class curriculum. Since, the children belong to lower socio-economic group, parent training and counseling is an important area. Workshops, seminars, focus group discussions and counseling sessions are frequently held for MVs parents to enable them acquire needed skills for coping with and managing their children effectively.