SANKET – ICT Training Program

Electronic media is primarily visual in nature. Information is transacted visually, and with little or no face to face interaction with people. As Information and Communication Technology (ICT) jobs require visual thinking, specific training in this area may lead to suitable employment in future.

Sanket is SOPAN’s attempt to provide a computer and iPad training unit for persons with autism and intellectual disability residing in Mumbai. Its rationale is imbedded in the felt need expressed by a large number of parents and families who would want such training for their disabled young adult. Sanket is first training program in ICT for persons with autism and associated disabilities in Maharashtra.


Ms Shilpa Murudkar

B.A., Diploma in Special Education (Intellectual Disability)

Special Educator

Ms Musfira Ansari

B.A., B.ED. in Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Special Educator