Events, awareness campaigns and celebrations

Community Awareness Programs

SOPAN conducts several awareness programs throughout the year to celebrate special days like World Autism Awareness day in the month of April, Disability Day in December, health camps etc. to bring awareness to the general public about autism and disabilities.

World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD)

April 2 nd was declared by United Nations in 2007 as World Autism Awareness day. Since then, every year, all over the world, awareness campaign are conducted on this day and the month of April to mark this day. At SOPAN several programs are organized in April. They are:
• Awareness campaigns: At several malls, awareness campaigns are conducted to sensitize general public about autism. The activities include
     (i) exhibitions of products made by persons with autism
    (ii) Public participation activities like free nail art and mehendi, poster competitions, Public interactive games etc.
• Awareness walks with families of children with autism
• Public cultural events showcasing talent of persons with autism
• Health camps
• Unique Identity card and Niramaya card enrolment camps

World Disability Day

December 3 rd every year is World Disability Day. Several activities are conducted at SOPAN to mark this day. The activities are as follows:
(i) Inter-school competitions
(ii) Sports activities
(iii) Health camps

National Day Celebrations

National days come twice every year. At SOPAN, we conduct several activities to celebrate this day. They are:

(i) Hoisting of National Flag
(ii) Singing of National Anthem
(iii) March past
(iv) Cultural activities which show the importance of the national days
(v) Sports activities

Annual Events

Several annual events are celebrated. They are as follows:
(i) Annual Day: The Annual day is a cultural program which revolves around a specific theme. Children from all the centres are trained to perform at the cultural show. The children get a platform to showcase their talents. Several people are invited to come and watch the show and support the cause.
(ii) Annual Sports Day: Every year, an Annual Sports Day is organized which revolves around a theme. The planning of the decoration of the grounds and the different races are based on the theme. Children form some units who are able to participate are trained to participate in the races. Medals and certificates are given to the all the participants. Families and well wishers are invited to come and view the show.
(iii) Annual picnic: This is planned every year. Children from each unit are taken to gardens/resorts/outings. Families are also invited to go for the picnic. The event promotes relaxation and bonding of families.


Festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Children are requested to dress up in the relevant festival clothes. During some festivals, a mela with food stalls or competitions are organized. The parents are also invited to participate in some of the festivals. Some of the festivals which are celebrated include:

  • Janmsahtami
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Diwali
  • Dussehra
  • Christmas
  • Sankranti
  • Holi