Saksham Sheltered Employment

Saksham is a workshop which provides employment for adults with autism and related disabilities. The Workshop began in December 2022 at Goregaon East. The young adults enrolled at the workshop are trained in a particular skill based on their skills and abilities. Besides job related skills their  training will focus on development of independent living skills and social integration skills. The areas where the adults will be trained on are as follows:

  • Catering and cafeteria work
  • Printing and industrial skills
  • Creation of handicrafts items

The products made by the adults are sold at exhibitions and online portals. Customized job orders are also undertaken. Apart from the production of products in the areas given above, job work from the local industries is also being undertaken regularly by the workshop. The job work is taken, completed on time and returned to the industry regularly. The workshop aims to create an independent workforce of adults with autism who contribute to society and nation building in their capacities. 

For the SOPAN product list click here

To place orders for the products, please write to


Mr. Kiran Dharve:9870631968

Ms. Rohini Ambre: 9594013556


Miss. Sneha Mahesh Ambre

Diploma in Special Education (ID)

Special Educator

Mr. Manish Madanlal Chantole

B. Com.

Asst. Teacher