SOPAN’s Suvidya College of Special Education

NAAC Accredited

Publications by faculty

Prof. Rubina Shanker Lal

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Mrs. Nishat Imam

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Mrs. Rashna Sadri

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• Imam N., Sadri, R. and Srivastava, S. (2019) Inclusion of children with ASD: Attitude, Knowledge and Needs of Teachers in Be the Difference: Equality and Equity in Education. S. R. Publishing, Delhi

Mrs. Sunanda Chakraborty

• Chakarborty,S., Panshikar,A.(2019).A Comparative Study of
Student’s Perception of Their Classroom And Resource Room
Teachers .International Journal of Basic And Applied Research
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ISSN 2249-3352(P) 2278-0505(E)
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Indian Issue-Building A Self Reliant India-Role of Media, Amity
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Engagement Strategies Used by Teachers in Inclusive Schools,
Accessibility And Barriers, June 2020, DSE SNDT Publication

Mrs. Shoba Srivastava

• Srivastava S, Gaikwad R, Awasti M, “Effect of Dance and
Movement Therapy on Language and Communication
Skills, Motor skills and Social Skills on children with autism” (2022),
CMTAI Annual Conference
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